Why exactly Teeny?

Information about the Two-hands-Boat of the DSV (German Sailing association)

The “Teeny” is ideal for sailors at the age of 8 to 15 years, but in fact its name originates from its length, which is ten feet or 3.15 meters.

Why has the Teeny been constructed?
In 1986 the German Sailor association together with expert Günther Ahlers did a survey on the requirements and demands of all associations, which resulted in the construction of a dinghy
boat, meeting almost all existing expectations.

The result is the Teeny, a convincing alternative to the one hand dinghy “Optimist”, just made for two. The teeny combines all the different expectations and demands of the sailors. Due to the technical details such as spinnaker and trapeze, it offers most comfortable options for learning to sail. Step by step the student is introduced to the technique of two hand sailing. Amongst other advantages, “Teeny” means having fun by sailing, it motivates the kids as they learn. Compared to sailing the Optimist  the Teeny is more sporting and competitive. You will experience this at a Regatta: while Optimists are still on their way fulfilling the Delta, the Teeny will have already finished its Olympic course. Moreover the Teeny- fields are still growing in popularity. Nowadays starter fields of about 25 to 35 Boats aren’t rare anymore. Indeed, one of the biggest advantages Teeny sailing offers is sailing in a team. Training is done stepwise, which means you have two positions, which can be rotated depending on your level of experience: Cox and jib sheet. For beginners it’s easy to start learning how to handle the jib sheet. Kids don’t loose interest as fast as usual. Moreover the Teeny is the ideal preparation for upgrading to higher sailing classes later on.

In recent years successes of former teeny crews in the 420 dinghy class have become more and more usual, e.g. becoming national champion during the year of changing from Teeny to 420 dinghy classes.

This trapeze young beginners two hand dinghy has  been constructed as a standard class boat .Its dockyard Ziegelmayer is a manufacturer who has proven its competence already in producing the Olympic class 470 and the  successful 420er dinghies. The joy of sailing Teeny is not as expensive, as many parents may fear: Including everything, even the canvas, it costs 3600€, which makes it extremely interesting for youth work in associations, since this is the price range of Opti regatta dinghies. Used dinghies are even less expensive and can be bought from 1000 up to 1300 €. Due to the fact that Teeny is a standard class dinghy  they are still useful for regattas.

Meanwhile the teeny class is established as championship class for the youngest. Within the regional association teeny classes are very active competing in regattas. Reference persons are the regional representatives. By the way: the teeny class is represented via Internet (E-Mail and homepages) since 1997. Therefore they are belonging to the frontrunners of class unions communicating via Internet always on the top, as in real life! So don’t hesitate, just contact us!

The teeny class becomes more and more popular: Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Holland are interested as well, so it might become an international class in the very near future!

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